Camp Skyuka Home Owners Assocation

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Wildlife Habitat

     Botanists have been drawn to the uniqueness of White Oak Mountain and the neighboring Tryon Peak since the 1920’s. Rare and endangered plants live in unusually large populations. Due to its ability to host this precious flora, the area has been identified as a NC Natural Heritage high priority site and

conservation of this irreplaceable natural heritage is considered crucial. 

     Considered a nationally significant “biological hotspot,” here numerous rare plant species thrive, such as the White Irisette, dwarf flowered heartleaf, sweet white trillium, Allegheny cliff fern, Blue Ridge bindweed, and white leaf sunflower. The Montane White Oak and Montane Oak-Hickory forests are home to the rare Green Salamander, Cerulean Warbler and Appalachian Checkered –Skipper.

     Property owners in Camp Skyuka are proud of this exceptional natural heritage and many have had their property certified as Wildlife Habitats through the National Wildlife Federation. White tail deer roam the mountain as well as the black bear, wild turkey, and mountain lion. 


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