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Camp Skyuka HOA
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Camp Skyuka Home Owners Assocation

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HOA By-laws

 Summary of Camp Skyuka HOA By-laws

    1. All lots [except lot 6] are to be used for residential, single family dwelling only. No structure is to be adapted for business purposes, no apartment houses, lodging house, rooming house, hospital, school, child care or commercial facility. No shacks, mobile homes or temporary buildings are allowed. Garages, outbuildings, patio walls, fences or similar structures compatible with residential areas may be erected if constructed in a workmanlike manner. Vacation rentals are specifically prohibited.

     2. Lot 6 may be used for a restaurant, bed and board inn, antique or craft shop or similar commercial purpose.

     3. No junk yard, garage, body shop, mobile home, trailer, tend shack, barn, or commercial campground is allowed. RV's cannot be placed on a lot and used for residence for more than four consecutive months and may not be used as a permanent residence.

     4. No hogs, goats, sheep, chickens or cows may be kept. Domestic household pets may be kept but must be confined. No more than two horses may be kept on any one lot except lot 6. Up to 6 horses are permitted on lot 6.

     5. No wire fencing in front of homes, no exposed concrete blocks, no satellite dishes without approval. Oil or propane tanks must be underground or in a utility area.

     6. All building plans must be approved by the Association. No clearing of lots or logging is permitted without approval. Building setback lines, thirty (30) feet (front of lot), twenty-five(25) feet (rear of lot) and fifteen (15) feet (sides of lot). No lot may be subdivided without approval.

     7. No nuisance, no noxious or offensive activities are allowed. No refuse piles or unsightly objects on lots. The CSHA may remove refuse and/or unsightly objects of any owner refusing to do so, and may charge the owner for the expense of removal.

     8. Septic tanks must be kept in good repair.

     9. Each lot owner must pay dues and assessments of the association.

   10. The Homeowners Association and lot owners may seek to enforce restrictions.

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